KL Sachsenhausen / SS-T.V. Brandenburg / SS-Stuba SH
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Hello Freunden

Ich bitte um Entschuldigung da ich im Englisch schreiben.

I´m working on a project about soldiers and officers who served in KL Sachsenhausen, both inside the fence and outside.

At the moment my manuscript is about 600 pages thick and I have a couple of thousand names, What I do is not trying to judge anyone.

Anyone who want´s to help me with names and dates on ordinary soldiers and NCO can send me an mail to georg68schwab@gmail.com I thank all for your help.

See example as I have written on SS-Rottenführer Karl Macura. (unfortuantely I can´t ad any photos on him, but I have two of them.

Karl Macura
9.11.42 SS-Rttfhr
Geboren 22.7.1922 in Alt-Bielitz

KL Flossenbürg 1943-1945
Hu.Sta./SS-Stuba Auschwitz 1942-1943
4./SS-Stuba Auschwitz 1941-1942
1./SS-Stuba SH 1941
SS-Kradsch.Ers.Btl 1941
2./SS-A.A. Deutschland 1940-1941
2./Krad.Ers.Btl SS-VT 1940

Karl Macura was born in July 22, 1922 as son to the farmer Viktor Macura in Alt-Bielitz. Before the war he trained to be a painter.
But that dream ended with the start of the war, and in 1940 was Karl Macura drafted or volonteered to serve the army. As Karl Macura
was very young, at the time of enlistment - only seventeen, the only option for him was the Waffen-SS, which indicates that he
volonteered to the Waffen-SS. He was also a so called Volksdeutsch as his birthtown Alt-Bielitz after 1920 belonged to Poland.

His first unit and as a recrute was the 2 Company of the SS-Krad.Ersatz Abteilung (battalion) SS-Verfügungstruppe, after a few
months of trainign he was sent to the second company in the SS-A.A. (Aufklärungs Abteilung / Recoon Battalion). He was to serve
in this unit for 2 years. Why his Wehrpass says "SS-A.A. Deutschland" is unknown and probably a typo, when the SS-A.A. was direct
in command under the SS-V.T. Division as an independtant unit. SS-Regiment Deutschland had not an own A.A.

Because of umknown reason was Karl Macura transfered from the SS-A.A: in 1941, his new unit was to be SS-Kradsch.Ers.Battalion
located in Xxxxxx. The reason of his transfer and later service in the system of the Concentration Camps indicates that he probably
got wounded during his service in the SS-A.A. This wasn´t anything which was uncommon. Many Waffen-SS soldiers
rehabilitated themselves during the war as Camp guards.

Soon was Macura once again transfered, this time to SS-Sturmabanne Sachsenhausen and there he was stationed in the 1 Company
He went most probably training in Sachsenhausen for future Camp service, when he only served at KL Sachsenhausen for a couple
of months.

Late in 1941 was Karl Macura once again transfered, this time to the biggest camp of them all - KL Auschwitz. His first service in
KL Auschwitz was in the 4th Company of the Guardbattalion of the Camp. He served in that Company to mid 1942 when he once
again was transfered to the Dog kennel of the camp - Hundestaffel, those guards was infamous for the brutality with the dogs
If Karl Macura was one of them is unknown, but he remained in the Hundestaffel until late 1943, when he for the last time was
transfered, this time he ended up in KL Flossenbürg, most probably in the Guardunit of the camp, but exact service in Flossenbürg
is not verified so far. He remained in Flossenbürg until the end of the war.

After that Karl Macura become prisoner of war, he was first placed in the former KL Neuengamme outside Hamburg. But soon did the
british Gov got aware of his past in the Camps and the Polish Goverment asked for his extradition. Which the British Gov applied.
Karl Macura was placed in the Montepelicharprison outside Krakow, and on July 8th, 1948 was he condemned to 12 years of prision
In Poland the goverment made an Common Amnesty for all of the prisoners in 1955 and because of that was Karl Macura released before he fullfilled his sentence in 1956. He went back to Germany and nothing about his whereabouts is after
that is known.

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located in Xxxxxx.

es lag in Ellwangen!


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