mysteriöses Waffenlager im Toten Meer geborgen
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Mysteriös an den Funden sind einige Artfakte, die so gar nicht zu Gew 98 und Reichsrevolver passen wollen:
Patronen auf Metallgurt und Funkgeräte??

How an old weapons cache survived in the Dead Sea.

Thousands of weapons were exposed under the northern part of the Dead Sea. The Army has estimated that the weapons were lodged after World War I by a battalion of German weapons before returning to Europe. Some of the items were over 110 years in age.

The hidden cache was discovered by the Engineering reservists from the Israeli Central Command Engineering Corps. The men are expected to excavate another layer exposing the old German arms cache in the North Sea. The reduction of water in the sea during the recent years has led to the discovery of the huge weapons store containing thousands of artillery shells, countless rounds of SAA ammunition, rifles, pistols, mines, bombs, ammunition crates and radios, all thanks to the high percentage of salt water creating near-perfect preservation condition. Over several years, tourists have reported ammunition occasionally emerging from the water. Engineers conducted a preliminary investigation which revealed that the weapons were not from the IDF. On completion of the survey, the Engineer’s Commanding Officer, Colonel Yaron House revealed that the source of weapons to a regiment from the German Empire which fought in Israel during the First World War with the Turks, against the British.

"We were amazed at the quality of conservation. We checked in the period they sat in the North Sea, it came from the German battalion's camp, and we hypothesized that after they lost and were forced to return to Europe, they left the weapons behind in the sea," said House. "They must have had some boats and then evenly, rows by row, threw the shells, guns and other into the water. We were amazed at the quality of the conservation, thanks to the Dead Sea’s preservation properties." He said that because of the receding sea and exposure to the air, weapons were corroded and covered with thick salt layers. Central Command revealed that the shells and mines were still in good enough condition to explode and endanger human life. This was a closed military area and mined and so not open to citizens, which included the border fence with Jordan at the most northerly point of the Dead Sea. “Here's a mine explosion ready to go, "warned the deputy commander, Lieutenant Colonel Hezi Revivo." After the evaporation of water moving the water line by tens of meters we used the underwater diving unit to detonate weapons. At first we thought that Jordanian weapons which remained here since the Six Day War, but once we saw it arranged in rows, we realized that whoever had left him did so in an orderly fashion. One of the German Mausers, rifles which were still used in the '50s, there was the production seal for the year 1895, reinforcing the belief that they were placed by World War I forces.

Central Command took single samples as souvenirs, including a rifle and a pistol which were cleaned, but other weapons were detonated or moved to Greta.

"We'll send pictures of the weapons that the German military attaché in Israel, to check and confirm our belief," said Colonel House.
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